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Lindsey's Story

I have a miniature schnauzer and my dog had had skin problems on and off when she turned 9 months old. It mainly started on her right thigh and spread to her stomach. 6 months went by, during those 6 months I went to a vet and they gave her medication. It would work for a little bit but the itching would always come back. I tried other over the counter stuff on Amazon, but still no luck. I found Top Dog Tips' Home Remedies Itchy Skin Course and tried the colloidal oatmeal recipe. After a few days, I noticed that she wasn't scratching or biting herself as much. Fast forward 1 month after getting the course and using one of the recipes, shes completely stopped itching. I am just so happy, I would feel so bad trying to get her to stop biting and scratching herself, I even went out and bought a cone at one point. I am so grateful I stumbled upon this gem and the remedies work! I just want to share my story because I almost gave up and I want other people to have faith and try this course!

Lindsey McMilllan